Charter Rental

We will find you a private flight for the best price tailored exactly to your personal requirments.

We have several types of air crafts at our service one of which can be the ideal private charter aircraft. From smaller jets to travel on your own for a business trip or romantic getaway with your partner to brand new 14 seater Jets for your family holiday. If you need an aircraft; we have a wide range of the finest mid-size and large cabin jets. All the aircrafts are operated by highly experienced and trained crews, and are supported by high standards of customer service and quality management.

With a true 24/7 corporate jet charter team, we are always on hand to ensure that your needs are attended to. The experienced group air charter team at Kavi-Zen can arrange every detail of your flight. Kavi-Zen is the only complete jet charter brokerage company you will ever need. We will assist you in finding the best operators for aircraft