Aircraft Management

Requirements of every aircraft owner’s  are unique and different. Our flexible and pragmatic approach to aircraft management ensures the tailor-made service you require. We will look after every aspect of the operation of your aircraft.

By placing your aircraft for management with us, you will be able to enjoy the savings through our special negotiated prices on fuel, handling, catering, hangarage and airport fees, as well as saving on insurance premiums by adding your aircraft to our group policy.

We bring you the security and confidence that comes only from working with an industry leader.

We operate a diverse fleet across the spectrum of business aviation, that means we will already be familiar with any aircraft you wish us to manage, from an entry-level jet to a long-range aircraft.

We maintain the personal touch at all times. When you place an aircraft for management with us, you are immediately allocated a single, direct contact at Kavi-Zen.

Our entire team is at your disposal, including our 24/7 operations.

From cabin crew through to catering and cleaning support, we can find you the perfect team for your business aviation requırements Every detail matters; we make sure every job is carried out to the highest professional standards.

We guarantee complete financial transparency in our services, we will check and follow up every expense relating to your aircraft, we will also research and take the most cost-effective course of action.

Aircraft management with Kavi-Zen gives you all the benefits and freedom of owning an executive aircraft without any worries. If you need a management company you can trust completely. Many successful organizations and individuals have already placed their aircraft under our management. Kavi-Zen demonstrates the highest standards of safety, reliability, value and service.